Repeated attempts to contact the ABC through letter-writing, complaints, feedback, and requesting interviews have proved fruitless. The ABC does not tell the truth about sex and gender, report significant legal and medical developments in this area, or reflect our voices.

The ABC does not reflect our voices.

Women around Australia are taking direct action to bring their concerns to the ABC. This page chronicles some of the chalking and flagging actions taken by women.

We will continue to bring the issues of ABC inaccuracies and trans bias to the public’s attention.  Getting out on the street gives us an opportunity to reach people and engage in conversations.

Brisbane, Queensland – 31 March 2024

Logan, Queenland – 4 June 2023

Speakers’ Corner in the park.

Ballarat – 2 June 2023

Win! ABC Reports on Graffiti – Ballarat – April 2023

The unthinkable occurs! ABC notices and reports on graffiti outside their offices in Ballarat.

Journalism: look it up!

Well done you good women who brought the message to ABC!

Some more images of chalk (not shown by ABC).

Sydney – 27 October 2022

Brisbane/Meanjin – 24 September 2022 

Canberra – 20 August 2022

Ballarat – 19 May 2022

Here in Ballarat, we have a gender clinic, on top of that we’ve just been awarded $3.2 million over 3 yrs to set up a youth lgbtqia hub. Our local paper has published a couple of articles about it this week due to IDAHOBIT. One article focused on 4 young women, one of them only 13 years old. All of these women identify as he/him or they/them.

Women chalk their question to news agencies: “Why does she identify as he/him they/them?”

Why are girls fleeing womanhood? Why are girls turning their backs on the pressure to “look like Barbie” while they scrmable to “have it all”? Why are young women running a mile from pornified depictions of women, and actual porn that depicts violence against women?

Why don’t these news outlets ask the questions? Why do they stop at praising women who reject womanhood?

Canberra – 15 May 2022

Women’s Action Alliance Canberra are a Rad Fem collective based in the Capital. Here are just 2 of their photos from their recent action in Canberra. Check out these wonderful women on Twitter – @WomensActionAll.

Sydney – 23 April 2022

Despite predictions of rain, 7 women gathered in splendid weather to take our message to the ABC in Sydney. As usual, we used legal and peaceful protest methods: chalking the pavement in front of the ABC HQ.

As we decided to pack up, a curmudgeonly security guard told us to remove our banners from ABC property. We had looped them over the fence.

We took a quick photo in front of the Harris St driveway, and we headed off to our debrief location. Four police officers, including a detective, had followed us up the street and requested a chat. They attempted to cajole us into revealing personal information (which we do not have to do) and to commit to filing an intention to protest form in future (which we are not required to do for this kind of action). The officers explained that “people had called 000”. We gave them a pamphlet to read.

Some messages in chalk read:

We need an independent inquiry into ACON’s policy capture of ABC
No LGB kid is born in the wrong body

Our shiny brand new banners read:

Stop lying about Katherine Deves
Stop lying about men in women’s sport
Stop lying about puberty blockers


Tell the truth about puberty blockers
Human beings cannot change sex
Don’t let ACON pull the strings: break free of trans lobby

Sydney – 17 April 2022


Brisbane Meanjin – 10 April 2022

IWD Brisbane Meanjin held another one of their fabulous walking protests, finishing at the ABC.

Key messages for the ABC

Sydney – 12 February 2022

The rain won’t stop us! It was pouring rain, but women seized on a short break to chalk our messages on the pavement outside the ABC in Sydney.

When will ABC cover the debate? Perhaps when they give up chasing ACON’s gold star rating.

Sydney – 27 November 2021

Ballarat – 27 November 2021

Melbourne – 6 November 2021

This action was reported in Women Are Human after the ABC called police on women who were chalking the pavement.

Melbourne Australia: Women, fed up with the @ABCaustralia Pro Trans bias sent them a HUGE message in chalk. It was washed off within minutes & Cops called. @ABCTV@abcmelbourne erases anyone who does not subscribe to the Trans Cult.

@abcmelbourne why did you call the Police on a group of women who wrote on a public footpath with chalk because we refuse to believe men are women & kids can change sex? If “inclusivity” includes women why do you silence our voices of concern? @ABCaustralia@ABCmediawatch

Angela Jones, Twitter

Sydney – 30 October 2021

The highlight of this action was the look on the faces of the police officers when we explained to them our core belief is that human beings aren’t clownfish and we would like ABC to stop telling people it is possible to change sex.

Yes, the ABC called the police on us for chalking the pavement.

Sydney – 6 June 2021

Hobart – 8 March 2021

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Grab some chalk.

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