by Stassja Frei

It wasn’t planned. I hardly gave it a thought before I did it. Yes, it was me that yelled out “It’s a lie!” on ABC’s Q+A.

After listening to Callum “Hannah” Mouncey drone on about how he’s a woman now and doesn’t have any competitive advantage over female athletes because he’s on testosterone suppressants, I was livid. Then the host Stan Grant, instead of challenging Mouncey’s nonsense, said something like “Well let’s talk about how people can look big and strong but not actually be strong”. And that’s when it happened. Impulse control went out the window and I yelled what I yelled.

Like many Australians, I’m tired of the abusive gaslighting from these idiots. I’m tired of the ABC championing the delusions of men like Mouncey. I don’t even care if we discover in the coming decades (which we won’t) that males lose ALL competitive advantage when they embark on the foolish and dangerous endeavour of medical “transition”. Women’s sport is for women, not delusional men, not castrated men, not men with autogynephilia. As far as I’m concerned, Mouncey chose to sacrifice his sporting career when he went down the synthetic hormone path. Maybe he feels conflicted over that decision, but it doesn’t give him the right to women’s competition. It also doesn’t give him the right to flash his dick in the women’s change rooms – something Q+A dared not address on the show.

Women’s sport is for women, not delusional men, not castrated men, not men with autogynephilia.

After my initial outburst, Stan Grant went to endocrinologist (and traitor to women) Ada Cheung for more bullshit about how men who screw with their hormones don’t have a competitive advantage. I knew what kind of drivel she’d be spouting so I yelled out again, “She’s a transgender activist!” Unlike my first comment, this wasn’t picked up by the microphones so I can only assume they cut the mics to my area of the audience. 

The panel was stacked from the outset. They hadn’t even planned to include a female athlete and only added weightlifter Deborah Acason after she complained to the producers. They didn’t give her a fair go or an opportunity to counter the bulk of Mouncey’s bullshit, or Ada Cheung’s dick pandering. Deborah Acason was the ONLY voice representing the mainstream Australian view that men do not belong in women’s sport. Opposing her was Kieren Perkins, Callum “Hannah” Mouncey, Ada Cheung and I would count Stan Grant amongst them. Talk about a hostile environment, or as the trans brigade might say, an “unsafe space.”

The ABC have lost all credibility when it comes to women’s rights. I suspect there are many ABC staff who feel exactly the same as me – surely! Those dissenting employees need to blow the whistle sooner rather than later.

Stassja Frei is the founder of the Coalition for Biological Reality, a non-partisan grassroots movement opposing gender ideology. She is also the co-host of the weekly YouTube series TERF Talk Down Under.

7 thoughts on “Why I yelled out ‘It’s a Lie!’ at Q+A 

  1. I’m curious as to how yelling out, “It’s a lie” helps in a situation like this? I had a similar thought when I read that a GC woman yelled “Tavistock” at Michelle Telfer in Perth recently.
    Where does this type of non-critical outburst get us? It definitely cements our opposition’s belief that we are aggressive. It definitely means the person who made the outburst gets a pat on her back in her echo chamber. It does not open dialogue. No-one hearing it is going to rush off to google to investigate what the outburst could possibly be referring to.
    Beyond being a cathartic releasing of frustration – which I totally understand – I really don’t get why people do this and why they are lauded heroes (or “TERF of the Week”)…

    1. That is an interesting point that warrants discussion. This isn’t a conducive forum – perhaps it would be good to take it up with any feminist groups you are involved in.

      Our response is that this is a broad movement that takes all types of people taking action in a number of fora. We support Stassja’s direct action to raise the profile of the issue.

    2. Stan Grant, disgracefully, was clearly not allowing any space for the alternative (i.e. real) angle on this – letting Mouncey sit there and lie about having no advantage when someone who has been through male puberty will always have massive advantage over female players. At least Stassja let “Hannah” and everyone else know that not everyone has swallowed the nonsensical trans discourse in its delusional entirety.

    3. It helps enormously to know that we are not alone, or insane. Open dialogue with the “no debate” mob? You are dreaming. If that doesn’t solve it for you then, you are in the wrong place Cass.

    4. I think it’s actually really important that Stassja shouted out.

      Have you heard of the ‘Asch Conformity experiment’? If not, I recommend you watch this video here:

      Essentially, it proves that we often conform when we think everyone else thinks a certain way, even if it’s totally crazy. However, just one other dissenter from the comformity is hugely, hugely important. Stassja demonstrated that public dissent to the conformity, and in doing so, she may have emboldened others who doubt, but are afraid to speak up.

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