By Vera Figner

The indefatigable Senator Claire Chandler has got a response to her questions about the relationship between the ABC and the trans-extremist lobby group ACON aka AWEI. 

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(And shame on you, Labor, Green and Teal pollies, that it’s not any of you asking these pertinent questions!)

The ABC’s response – you couldn’t call it an ‘answer’ – was basically to repeat, six times, that:

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Oh, pull the other one, Aunty! When we know that your ACON/AWEI ‘relationship manager’ 

  • offered tips for content and promised AWEI points for it
  • declared an on-air discussion on ABC Classic ‘AWEI-worthy’
  • gave at least one ABC journalist advice on wording

And we know AWEI gave you points for positive programming promoting kid-transing (First Day, Innies and Outies, ABC Queer).

Particularly hilarious was your answer to Claire’s question about your Diversity and Inclusion Commissioning Guidelines, specifically if you accepted that a program could feature 0 females and still meet your ‘gender diversity’ target. 

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Yes, you answered, yes! If, ‘for instance’, a program ‘features representation of other communities’. 

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Which ‘other communities’ would they be, Aunty? Men? Crew, cast, writers, directors, all men (as long as they say they’re gender diverse) – and it meets your guidelines? And you call this diverse and inclusive? The suffragettes must be rolling in their graves. 

And you expect us to believe there’s no connection whatsoever between these Guidelines and your membership of ACON’s AWEI? 

You’re lost, Aunty, down a gender-ideology rabbit hole. When will you come back to us? We miss you.