Here at Women’s Cooee, we are avid watchers of maneuvers at the ABC. We have also been critical when the ABC has promoted males who claim a ‘female’ persona instead of promoting female voices.

So we are delighted to relate that ABC have apparently turned a new leaf with the appointment of the ineffable Nancy Bell as their new ACON Bought Communications Brand Ambassador. Nancy is an iconic Australian ‘woman’ with almost 5 minutes of experience “living as” a woman. Whatever that means! Of course, we here at Women’s Cooee firmly believe that there is no better way to be a woman than to first be a man plus the addition of a bad wig (and maybe a couple of coconuts shoved into a sports bra).

She brings to the table a wealth of woman-specific knowledge of wigs, beard-rash, and maintaining a smooth profile in lycra tights. Nancy is also a self-declared expert in Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Trans (DIET). Because if there is one thing women need more of, it is surely DIETS.

Watch her update below. We hope she gets the ABC on a solid DIET of pronoun-related content as soon as practicable! You can also read Vera Figner’s commentary on the ABC “Inclusion” Plan – Inclusion Plan? Thumbs Down From Us

Nancy Bell is the creation of Australian teacher and podcaster, Phil Dye.
You can follow his podcast here at Marking The Role.